Research Cyberinfrastructure Champion Network

The goal of the Research Cyberinfrastructure Champion Network (RCC) is to improve alignment and collaboration between storage service providers and the user community. The collaborative efforts of the RCC will enhance the user experience and provide a coordinated approach to storage at the University of Minnesota. Institutional Cyberinfrastructure Group (ICIG) provides oversight and direction to the RCC.

RCC champions both work with researchers to help right-size their cyberinfrastructure and help researchers be good stewards of those IT resources.

Affinity Groups

Affinity groups are groups of champions organized around an area of cyberinfrastructure. Group champions may have expertise in the area, or are looking to learn more about it and expand their skillset. RCC help requests can be routed to an appropriate affinity group and the resolution of requests can be a learning example to other group champions. Affinity groups may also form Working Groups around a larger RCC Project.